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During our 20 years in the field of cleaning using environmentally friendly products we have tried and tested many products.

Let us share with you those that not only work but conserve vital resources such as water and energy.

*Enzymatic materials, also known as *Bio-digesters are natures own housekeepers. Completely organic, they contain no chemical.
Carpet CleaningUse a fraction of the water currently used.
Bio-degradable and Unique *Enzymatic systems.
Carpets completely & safely cleaned.
Odour ControlEradicate odour Using broad spectrum *Bio-digesters.
Particularly useful in urinals, waterless or not.
Nursing Homes find they can be odour free.
Chewing GumBio-degradable and Unique *Enzymatic systems
for Gum Free carpet and paving.
Graffiti removalBio-degradable and Unique *Enzymatic systems for Graffiti removal.
PavingHigh pressure rotary washers.
Oil Stain*Enzymatic systems to clean up spillages
Pigeon DroppingsBio-degradable and Unique *Enzymatic systems
Energy savingLighting, save typically 30% of running costs