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One thing that visitors to your business will notice is the condition of the floor. Remember, they may not have seen it before, whereas you see it every day. Carpet condition deteriorates steadily, day in, day out. When you are there all the time, this can go unnoticed. However, as part of the impression given about your business, a fresh, clean carpet can appeal not only visually to your customers, but also feel nicer to walk on, enhancing the atmosphere you have worked so hard to create.

All businesses have to keep an eye on costs too, and regular, professional cleaning can help to extend the lifetime of your carpets, thus keeping funds for replacement in your account for longer.

Also, at Pristine, we understand that you can't just close your doors during the day to have your carpets cleaned, so we are always willing to fit in with your opening hours, carrying out cleaning while you are closed so that your carpets are all fresh, sanitised and stain protected for the next working day.

To get a quote for cleaning the carpets in your business premises, simply call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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